With what to wear them?

The ideal is to associate them on a bare leg and unobstructed as a dress or a midi skirt, otherwise the sock has more interest. As for the style, you can opt for a vintage-inspired piece to accentuate their retro spirit, or on the contrary, play the contrasts with a graphic and modern garment for an offbeat look. Side shoe, they can be closed type richelieu heels or sabots revisited as at Prada. Or open with flanged sandals for a more summery look. The important thing is to choose original socks to bring a touch of retro fantasy to your figure.

Why do we like?

Combine socks + summer is risk to summon the image not very rewarding camper socks in his flip flops. In reality, the reference to the past saves everything: those 40s slipped into platform sandals, the white socks of the 50s … It’s also a game of attitude, to make sexy with something that is not . “The erotic charge by the absurd,” says Laurent Cotta, curator at the Palais Galliera. The socks are also the dissonance of the silhouette, its exclamation point. As women wear more and more interchangeable basics, they give singularity and shift to their look. “A little the role of the tie for men, the spicy note” continues Laurent Cotta.

More and more men and women are wearing 7/8 pants with closed shoes. A trendy clothing association that reveals the ankles. High socks are then banned under pain of committing a terrible fashion faux-pas. In these cases, the temptation is great to drop the socks altogether. But walking barefoot in closed shoes is a very bad idea!

So let’s go!

In the first place we refer to the thin black socks, because they are mostly associated with more elegant fashion combinations, although they can also fit in with a more casual and urban dressing room. So, for example, you can freely carry them in combination with a leather jacket, a cotton sweatshirt, as well as with modern shoe shoes with a thicker sole. And while this fashion combination may not be the most appropriate as part of the business dressing style, it fits in the city fashion style absolutely!

To put it bluntly: Suspenders are not really anything erotic. “Garter” does not sound too sexy. Until the sixties, however, these fundamentally unspectacular parts were also used mainly for practical reasons, namely, just to keep the stockings from slipping. After all, there were no fine tights. It was not until 1959 that Glen Raven launched the first “synthetic panty hose” on the market – which somehow only has an extremely attractive effect on certain circles (I do not mean bank robbers) and in no way has such a nasty reputation as their related trousers.