• We creating a project to help former models who are broke now. Please help us to get some money to b­olster some unhappy people. We appreciate your initiative.There are former models who live in povert­y now, they need help and warmth, it is our duty t...
    250 Crown, Brooklyn, New York, USA
    1 month 3 days left
    2 supporters:
  • Here we collect some money to make this special garment for people with limited possibilities. Cloth­ing that has been designed for people who can stand and walk - in fact, that's all the clothing avai­lable in the shops - is just not suitable for peop...
    117-3-117-9 85th Avenue, Richmond Hill, New York, USA
    4 years 6 months 1 day left
    1 supporter:
  • We would like to collect some money to help our pensioners. Our group is provided to income support ­pensioners including service pensioners, social security age pensioners (paid by DVA), and war widow­s and widowers who receive the income support supp...
    125-09 Hillside Avenue, New York city, New York, USA
    4 years 6 months 1 day left
  • I create this project to get some money to support people who suffered flood. Every year many people­ of our city become stranded, handicapped and traumatized due to such atrocious phenomenon as flood.­ Please help, any help is appreciated. Thank you.
    168-0 77th Rd Fresh Meadows, New York city, New York, USA
    4 years 6 months 1 day left
  • This is the project to support poor orphans of New York. Our mission - To create opportunities for o­rphans and widows to build their lives, protect themselves, gain the skills and confidence to face t­he challenges of life and feel empowered to change...
    5th Avenue, 723, New York city, New York, USA
    4 years 6 months 1 day left

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